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Daxbacher: „Coach debate is logical and legitimate“

  • 23. Oktober 2018 at 4:01
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After the disappointing season so far, Wacker coach Karl Daxbacher is eager to bring about a turnaround for the Black Greens and is working on the match plan against the LASK.

Innsbruck – Karl Daxbacher has been in business long enough to know what’s going on. „It’s both logical and legitimate for a Unserie like that to be followed by a trainer discussion.“ As a player with Austria he celebrated seven championship titles, four cup victories, also stood in the European Cup final of the cup winners, and afterwards as a coach he also made a name for himself as an ascent specialist. Anyone who thinks that the 65-year-old is so hard-boiled that the ball leaves him cold is mistaken.

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„I still annoy myself the most about defeats. I even need the day after to cool off and come down,“ the 65-year-old admits and immediately adds: „Would be madness if it wasn’t so. Then I would be out of place.“ Outbursts of emotion and blame immediately after the final whistle in the cabin are taboo: „It’s no use. Except that everything just gets worse.“ Nothing is more ephemeral in football than yesterday’s success. Daxbacher has learned to live with it. This is no different in Innsbruck. In May, „Sir Karl“ was celebrated as a hero of promotion, now the coach is under discussion. „I can or must live with that,“ says Daxbacher. The dismissal at Wiener Austria in December 2011 hit him right: „Everyone was still patting me on the back at the 100th anniversary celebrations. In addition, I was ‚only‘ second in the standings with a gap of four points. Meanwhile Austria is eleven points behind after nine laps and nobody is upset anymore“. Check Kingbilly Casino to know more about the site and its bonuses.

Yesterday’s snow – at the moment the situation around the Tivoli is getting worse. So the Wacker coach forges a match plan against the LASK despite worries about injuries, a cracked psyche and permanent cross-country running: „Characterally, the team is hard in order. That’s why a point outnumbered against Mattersburg would have done us so damn good.“ During the week they trained, analysed, tested variants to replace the injured and discussed this and that so that the Linzers could feel „the bite and the hunger“ at the turn. The full program that situations like this currently require at FC Wacker. A challenge that Daxbacher is up to. „Of course, but don’t worry – that’s why I’m certainly not at risk of burnout,“ smiles one, who after decades in the business is already quite hardened, but for whom football still seems to be a matter close to his heart.